Sunday, October 17, 2010

October kits

This months kits are here, I am starting up my classes again, the first one will be this wednesday the 20th. This kit is $15.00, but it doesn't included titles, for you girls that come regularly these are the letters we have used in some of the previous kits, if you are out I do have some extras that are available to buy. I have done up these 2 layouts which we will be doing, but this time I have also introduced a girl kit, which we will be doing the exact same layout but with girly papers. As shown in the image below. I have kept these layouts simple for our first day back, also we will be drawing a name out of a hat who will select the next lot of papers for the next kit. Can't wait to see who it is, and what they choose. Look forward to seeing you girls there.

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  1. Dear Mel, I did not know and I want to thank you for sharing this heartfelt tradegy with me, my love goes to you and I pray for your continued strength dear friend. Love to you and your partner and I will pop over to your new blog. God bless you....Melxx