Sunday, October 17, 2010

My angel Harrison

Some of you may not know, but I had a little boy, Harrison last month, he was born on the 14th September 2010. He had Diapraghmatic hernia and we were told he only had 30% chance of surviving. Well my beautiful Harrison lived for 29hours and died at 5.30pm on the 15th September. I have dedicated a blog to him and all the people that helped Harrison from midwifes to docctors and nurses. So feel free and go to Harrison's blog to see his story. I wanted to write this blog so that it would help people love there kids more, and those with sick kids to get through the rough times, and for those who have lost a baby know you aren't alone. Also I hope that maybe one day Harrisons story will help someone with a baby and family with the same road that we travelled. But the most important reason I wrote this blog was so Harrison lives on, and the world can see how beautiful he was. I love you Harrison, my sweet little angel.

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