Thursday, October 28, 2010

My scrapbooking room

We built a new house and moved in about 10 weeks ago, well I finally have my scrapbooking room organised. Well it isn't perfectly neat, but what scrapbooker has a perfectly neat room. I don't know any!!!!! When we built this house one of my sitpulations was that I had to have a great scrapbooking room. If I was going to build I wanted to do it right and be a practical home. Also lets face it scrapbooking you have a lot of bits and pieces lying around and sometimes, well especially when you have kids you need to leave your layout to go do stuff so I have a great space to do that now. Also lots of space for the girls to come and scrap. I even conned my husband letting me have the old tv, (as he got to buy a new huge tv for the family room so I let him do that if I could get the old one) So now it is the perfect room ( just got to find the power cord to go into the tv, to get it to work. Moving!!!!) I will be able to watch Dr Phill why scrapping. Perfect. Now when my girlfriend Sam comes over and scrap, we have a bit of a tradition of watching scarey movies and scrapping, our usually horror flick is Saw. So I am now ready to go.


  1. Looks awesome Mel! I wish my room had that much space, I can hardly move in it. Can't wait for our scrapping weekend!!