Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Butterfly Card

Here is another card that I have made, I got the tutorial on how to make this butterfly from my friend Sams blog, me and my little rascals blog sight. It is so easy and it is soooo cute how it turns out, I like it over a stamp as a stamp is so flat where this gives the card s bit of dimension. I also like it as you can keep your card really simple and have the butterfly as a feature, I have made this card up for my beareavement midwife, as the butterfly is there symbol that they use when you lose a baby they put this symbol on your door so that employees of the hospital know. I hope she likes the card. I did the antennas out of stuff that I was going to throw and had lying around in my scrapbooking stuff for years, just goes to show that stuff always comes in handy eventually.

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