Sunday, October 11, 2009

Learning to ride my bike

I have had this paper hidden away for ages, and finally got to use it, I am trying to go through some of my old papers and things to use them up. This is my son who is 6 years old learning to ride his bike. He can do it, it is now just practicing, which we have been a bit slack and haven't done. there is a great park at archfield and we go there as it has a big path and basketball area so it is good to learn how to ride. That is one thing I love about scrapbooking you can preserve such precious memories like these.


  1. Love this layout Mel, love the colours too and the great pics!

  2. Thanks Vicki, I have had those papers stashed away forever. Glad to finally use it. I have a heap of scraps so waiting for the perfect photo to use them up