Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers Day Scrapping Storm

Well I always have a bit of a break down when it comes around to Mothers Day and my mum's birthday, what do you give someone that has everything. This year I wanted to do a bit of a handmade theme, but silly me leaves things to the last minute. I kept thinking that is ok, i have tomorrow, but things seem to keep popping up and before I know it it is the night before. My middle son Jordy had been invited to a birthday party, so here I walk in after taking him to his best friends birthday party at 7.00pm at night, and think Oh my goodness. I was so exhausted from the day, so I did some of the clock, and did the card Mothers Day morning. So take a sticky of what I came up with at the last minute
My Mothers Day card, I don't think I am a great card maker. Some people do the most fantastic cards, but I must admit I was really proud of myself to whip this one up. I love these Forever Friends bears. They are my favourite cards, so when I saw that you can buy stuff to make your own I was so excited

This is my clock that I made for my mum, loved this Kaiser paper range, the colours are just so pretty. I had to keep it simple because I left it to the last minute. I would have liked to put some rub ons with quotes but I didn't have any in my stash. (Don't you hate that!!!)

Well, I am glad that thought process is over for another year, my Mum's birthday is in September so I better get thinking what to give her for then. This time if I was going to make something I won't leave it to the last minute, well I would try not to....

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