Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wow, my boy turned 9

Well I can't believe that Jordan has turned 9, gosh it is all a bit scary, next year I will have 2 boys that have double didgit numbers. Erkkkkkk!!!! (making me feel a little old here) Well Jordan decided he wanted to celebrate his birthday going to bowling and laser skirmish.

Jordan loves guitars so he decided this year that he wanted a guitar cake, so me being the advantourous cake maker that I am made the guitar. I actually really enjoyed making it, we did have a slight disaster, the cake tins that I used were a little to big so the 2 cakes I made were really flat, so I ended up making a smaller guitar then planned (which actually worked out perfectly in catering purposes) and doubling the cake, I then decided to put caramel in between the cake layers. YUM!!!!
Jordan has a really sweet group of friends, he is not the kid that has a million friends, but the friends that he does have a just so sweet, and the nicest of kids. I just adore them, and love to have them over any time.
In our family we have a bit of a family tradition that we make the kids there most favourite thing for breakfast. Jordan is going through a bit of a faze at the moment that he loves sausage sandwhiches. So Jordy's Dad got creative and made an extra long sausage and bread and made that for him in the morning. I just love this photo. I can't wait to scrap it.
Happy Birthday to my sweet chatterbox boy. Love you so much. xxxx

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