Monday, March 21, 2011

Alphabet Weekends

Here is another layout that i have done. I have made some of the flowers with playing with some scrap paper. I am right into making your own flowers at the moment.

My family has started to do the alphabet weekends. This is where you do something on the weekend starting with the letter A and working your way through the alphabet. We went to the Art museum in Brisbane. Well I was thinking it would be boring and we would look at some weird paintings on the wall and try and figure out what the hell it is and that was it. Well I was so wrong. Art has hit the new ages and wow is it techno now. I was really impressed, they also had so much there to do for the kids. It was amazing, some things are stills strange and my eldest son Donovan did question how some plastic milk bottles with some string over it could be art, and I had to agree but it was a great day. I took heaps of photos, and I am going to be starting up an alphabet album so I can record these things we do. The next one is we are going to go to the Beach for B. hopefully the weather will hold off. Fingers crossed


  1. gorgeous layout, what a beautiful family you have! Love the idea of your "alphabet weekend"!!

    Breakfast at Tiffany's

  2. Alphabet weekends sound so wonderful. That's a great way to keep things fun for the whole family. Love it! Great layout too. The colours work well.

  3. Sounds like fun! Looking forward to seeing what you get up too as the year progresses --- any ideas for X? Or are you booking them all in for an Xray? LOL!