Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend in Sydney

Rodney's work does a summer bash in Feburary each year. So we were flown to Sydney and our motel was the Novatel at Darling Harbour. It was really lovely room. Our view from our Motel room (as shown in the picture below) was spectacular. It was so nice just to hang out. With my hubby Rodney. We haven't had time away for about 9 months. So we were really hanging out for some away time.
Laing O'Rouke have a seminar on the Saturday and have speakers. They had a women who was a team leader in Antartica, she was really interesting to hear her story. They also had the explosive expert that got the miners out from the Tasmania mines. Wow his story was very moving and very touching. He had alot of pressure on him and stress.

Then came the Summer bash dinner. It is nice to be able to get all dressed up. I think this year they did a great job. Jessica Mauboy came and sang a few songs. She was really great. Justice Crew was there, they did some dancing. It was really great

So my weekend was a really lovely weekend. My favourite part though was just being able to spend time with my hubby and chat. I love my boys with all my heart but it is nice to have a conversation with him without being inturrupted every 5 seconds.

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